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KIDNEY/ RENAL FAILURE IN DOGS is a common problem in older dogs. As human kidney, your dog kidney also balance certain substances in the blood and filter out body's wastes as urine. Dogs can develop acute renal problems as a result of ingesting toxins including certain medications, tainted food, etc. Certain infections and urinary obstruction also lead to kidney failure. Chronic renal failure develop over a period of time and affects mostly older dogs. Look for this following signs of kidney failure in dogs- - Change in water consumption - Change in volume of urine produced - Depression and listlessness - Loss or decreased appetite - Chemical odor of breath - Vomiting - Weight loss - Blood in urine - Mouth ulcers - Pale gums Bring your dog to Noida 18 Pet clinic and protect your pet from such a life threatening condition so that early diagnosis could be made....
  • 2017-06-27T12:51:34

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